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Bio Royal III Private Home Cinema

Located south of Gothenburg, you will find one of the coolest and privately-owned cinemas in Sweden. From outside this seaside villa, you will never guess that this building holds an absolute world-class Home Theater.

Owner Mats, has been planning for years to create the ultimate no-compromise cinema.  And now, within his dream house, he has finally managed to make it all come true.

Located into a side building that originally served as the pool house. One enters through glass doors, moving further into the hallway that takes you into the cinema room, the atmosphere takes on a completely different feel than the rest of the house.

Greeted first by some crazy 8o’s movie memorabilia, including some original props from Star Wars and the Gremlins! you then enter the cinema itself. Taking over 70 meters square, the finished cinema, incorporating concealed custom acoustical treatments, measures 6 x 8,5 meters. The ceiling height ranges from 2,3 to 3 meters, and a separate machine room is located at the rear of the theater.

Located behind the machine room’s soundproof door is a sturdy rack containing all the electronics for the cinema. You will notice first an impressive stack of amplifiers from Procella, all driven by an Altitude32 channel processor.

These electronics deliver not only state-of-the-art audio performance but because they come from companies with pro audio backgrounds ensure delivery of that performance for years without obsolescence.  In fact, the Trinnov processor runs custom software on a Linux-based Intel processor platform, which enables downloadable software upgrades that are regularly provided by the manufacturer, including the most recent: an exclusive upgrade to DTS:X Pro

Jonas Olsson of Hemmabiotidningen.se

Even though the theater reflects Mats’ vision, and he acted as the supervising general contractor throughout the project, he didn’t hesitate to bring in experts to produce the best result. And he didn’t hesitate to bring in the best. The first was Anders Uggelberg who is not only the designer behind the Procella speaker brand but also a professional cinema designer with hundreds of rooms in his own name

For the room acoustical design, he also brought in one of the world’s top experts, Ingemar Ohlsson of Audio Data Lab who did the complete acoustical design of the project, providing both construction and acoustical treatment drawings. A key part of the process was his 3D computer model of the room, which was used to run acoustical simulations before finalizing the plans.

Because Uggelberg has designed several successful home theaters using the French Trinnov processor, he recommended it as a well-proven audio component that capable of delivering cinema sound with the Procella loudspeakers that can blow you out of the chair with power and blow your mind with finesse.

The impressive 11.3.8 Speaker Layout comprises the following

Three screen channel speakers are mounted in a baffle wall, resting behind the five-meter wide Screen Research acoustically transparent screen.  Sixteen! additional speakers are used for surrounds and height channels. Two massive dual 18” subwoofers complete the speaker mix.

Well, this was absolutely one of the best movie experiences I’ve ever had by every measure! We started by sampling the best cuts from of a couple of Dolby Labs’ Atmos demo discs, scenes I’ve probably heard and seen a hundred times. The immediate impression was a sky-high level of detail with a razor-sharp focus. Placement of sounds was incredibly precise and filled the large cinema room with such immersion that you just smiled. Anyone that remains skeptical of how much a well-installed Atmos system enhances the movie experience is guaranteed to be converted after such a demo

Anders Uggelberg – Procella Audio

Technical Specifications:

Processor: Trinnov Altitude 32 (24)

Power Amplifiers: 12 x Procella DA05-DSP, 2x600W

Screen speakers: 3x Procella P815

Surround speakers: 8x Procella P6 and Procella P6V

Atmos speakers (Ceiling): 8 x Procella P5

Subwoofer: 2 x Procella V18

Projector: JVC Z1

Screen: 2,40 Screen Research XLR3

Control system: Control 4

Room acoustics: SMT AD40 Diffusers on walls, Ecophon