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More Cinema 48 Channels Home Theater

This exceptional installation is not a showroom: but located in the home of a film enthusiast who decided to make his family benefit by making this extraordinary room. The installation combines what is best in the field, all rates combined.

This facility located in the Netherlands is the works of Morecinema, Dutch home cinema specialist, specializing in high-end projects. The acoustic built by Mutrox, working on both movie theaters and professional recording studios. It marries the best Bowers & Wilkins products with Trinnov processing, calibration was done by Alexandre Garcia for BW Group France

A box in the box that accommodates 19 speakers

This room based on the concept of the box in the box is separated from the surrounding walls by an airlock equipped with a double motorized door. The insulation and acoustic treatment part were one of the big pieces of the building site, photos show the extent of the work here with multiple pieces made to measure or decompression zones in baseboards to evacuate the acoustic pressure of the room. The latter lost several tens of centimeters around to give way to this treatment but also to the speakers.

These speakers are perfectly representative of the high-end side of the installation. These are Bowers & Wilkins CT8.2 bi-amplified. These large columns are usually used in frontal lanes. Here, they take place behind the fabrics stretched in 14 copies all around the room. But be careful, except for the two back channels, they are doubled each time: two CT8.2 are placed one on top of the other for the six side channels. That of the top is inverted so that the medium/high torque is closest to that below. There are 6 ceiling speakers Bowers & Wilkins CCM8.5 hidden by the stretched fabric and for the front speakers, Bowers & Wilkins CT8 LR tri-amplified, which are complemented by two B & W CT8 SW boxes, one at the front,

BW Trinnov installation 3

Two technical racks to remove the devices from the room

All equipment is placed in two racks located outside the room. The one on the right is the most impressive. It contains the Trinnov Altitude 32 processor and a Magnitude 32. The combination of the two allows the management of 48 channels. Below, the seven Trinnov Amplitude8 amplifiers total 11,200 Watts of power! The left rack contains the network, lighting control, all the multiroom audio and video of the house as well as other sources such as satellite decoders Kaleidescape and Apple TV 4K.

BW Trinnov installation 4

Alban Amouroux (On-Mag.fr)

We had the chance to listen to this installation with very high performances. More than superlatives obvious enough in all respects, we retained an ability to believe in the cinema thanks to unlimited power, a very well controlled and twirling effects: we were literally in the middle of the action, but always with excellent readability, without ever being stunned by too many Watts. What any deep-rooted installation is able to do … In this room, it’s another world, closer to the cinema than to the house. And certainly, one of the best rooms we have been able to discover.

Source: Bowers & Wilkins / Mutrox / Morecinema / OnMag.fr

Photography courtesy of Morecinema