20 Years of Audio (R)evolutions


The forthcoming Trinnov founders Arnaud Laborie, SébastienMontoya, and Remy Bruno joinforces to focus on research in3D sound.


First Research in 3D SounD

Laborie, Montoya and Bruno create and test a working high-spatial resolution 3D audio recording and playback chain.

SRP Microphone

Foundation of Trinnov

Trinnov stands for Tri-nnovation

First AES Paper

Trinnov presents the first of many scientific papers to the 114th AES Convention in Amsterdam:
A New Comprehensive Approach of Surround Sound Recording, preprint 5717.


5.1 RecordingSolution

The first ever 5.1 microphone and recording system were presented at the 116th AES Convention in Berlin.


Optimizer Monitoring Solution

Trinnov presents the Optimizer technology as a surround monitoring solution at the 118th AES Convention in Barcelona.

Auro Format / NHK Format

At an AES workshop presented by Wilfried Van Baelen and co-organized with Trinnov’s Arnaud Laborie and NHK’s Kimio Hamazaki, Auro first showed their 2.2.2 format.
NHK also presented a 22.2 channel proposal for their 8K UHDTV standard (super Hi-Vision)


Optimizer gets adopted by the Industry

Post-production facilities : Fox Studios (LA), Radio France (Paris) France Television, SWR, ZDF, IRT (Germany), BBC (UK), RTBF (Belgium), Radio Canada, TSI (Switzerland), NRK (Norway), ORF (Austria) Globo TV (Brazil)… Music studios: McGill University, Vienna Fine Arts Academy (Austria), Tonstudio Beusch (Switzerland)…

First OEM Product. Sherwood Newcastle R-972

The first consumer product to incorporate the Optimizer, in a scaled-down version, received high praise from reviewers and audiophiles for its exceptional sound quality.


Trinnov ST2 Hifi

At the Munich High-End show, the ST2-HiFi processor makes its debut, bringing Optimizer speaker/room technology for the first time to high-end stereo enthusiasts.

Trinnov ST2 & MC Pro

At the 128th AES convention in London, the ST2 and MC Pro are launched, making the Optimizer available to a wider range of pro audio applications including music, radio, TV and film production and post-production.


Magnitude 32

As home theaters become more sophisticated, Trinnov leads the path towards high channel count systems beyond 7.1. The Magnitude provides up to 32 channels for systems with arrays, multi-amplified speakers and multiple subwoofers.

Imm Sound partnership

Spanish startup ImmSound launches its object-based 3D cinema format with 30 screens, each based around a 24-channel Trinnov processor. The startup is acquired by Dolby in 2012, and its technology is incorporated into the Dolby Atmos program.



Trinnov launches its highly successful digital cinema processor, taking cinema sound to a new level with Optimizer technology.


Trinnov Altitude32

With the launch of Dolby Atmos, all processors are limited to 7.1.4 channels. The Altitude32 shatters this limitation, establishing a new standard for high-end home theaters with its capability of rendering up to 32 discrete Atmos channels.

Dolby Atmos & Auro 3D

In 2015, at the ISE show in Amsterdam, the Altitude32 demonstrates its cutting edge capability, as the first processor able to demonstrate both the Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D formats.

Trinnov Altitude 32

Trinnov Amplitude8

The ideal complement to the Altitude32. Dual 4-channel amplifiers on a single chassis, the Amplitude8 delivers a continuous 500W at 2 ohms with all channels driven. Gain matched to Altitude processors, it provides up to 8 dB improvement in signal-to-noise and dynamic range.

JBL Synthesis SDP-75

JBL Synthesis and Trinnov partner to produce the top of the line Synthesis processor. Manufactured on an OEM basis by Trinnov, the SDP-75 incorporates most of the Altitude32’s capability, for dedicated use with systems utilizing Synthesis loudspeakers.


Altitude16 & Amplitude8m

Trinnov technology and sound quality become available to a wider audience with the introduction of the Altitude16. With performance essentially identical to the Altitude32 but limited to 16 channels, the Altitude16 makes Trinnov performance more affordable. The Amplitude8m is its ideal companion, an 8-channel power amplifier.

DTS:X / Roon

After being used by DTS as the developmental platform for DTS:X, the Altitude32 becomes the first surround preamplifier to support DTS:X.
The Altitude32, Altitude16 and Amethyst are all upgraded to fully-certified Roon Endpoints, providing the best possible music streaming experience. Existing Altitude owners upgrade to Roon through a free download.


Trinnov MC Pro HCC

Trinnov’s multichannel Optimizer and monitoring solution becomes more versatile with the addition of audio over IP through Dante, Ravenna and AES67.

Altitude48 ext

Further widening the gap between the Altitude and competitive processors, the Altitude48ext expands the Altitude32’s capability to the maximum 24.x.10 channels of Dolby Atmos, and as many as 48 uniquely rendered channels, even up to 64 processed channels.


Trinnov Ovation2

Newly introduced, the next generation of cinema processors further elevates audio performance in commercial cinema installations.


The Altitude32 and Altitude16 are the first processors to support DTS:X Pro, with the Altitude32 able to discretely render the full complement of 30.2 channels. A free download provides the upgrade to all existing Altitude owners.

Trinnov Ovation 2 Cinema Processor

La Remote

Trinnov introduce a new hardware monitor controller for it’s whole pro audio range, bringing custom tailored monitoring functionalities to all our professional audio processors.

IMAX Enhanced

IMAX Enhanced, with capable displays, enables users to benefit from the enhancements of this dedicated software.