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The Optimizer is a software module for Trinnov processors. It gathers advanced measurement and the best-in-class Loudspeaker/Room correction.

Acoustic Analysis

The Optimizer includes a professional acoustic and speaker measurement system that handles true multipoint analysis. A detailed acoustic report is generated and displayed in a flexible interface that helps users highlight relevant information.

Automatic Compensation

Once measurements are made, the Optimizer only takes a few seconds to compute the automatic compensation, no matter how complex the system layout is. This ease of implementation and the outstanding performance of the Optimizer technology largely contributed to Trinnov’s reputation in the professional industry all over the world.

Smart Filters

Far from the old-fashioned real-time analysis and 1/3rd octave correction methods, the Optimizer uses a smart combination of modern techniques to generate complex sets of digital filters and achieve the best loudspeaker/room compensation possible. While the room and the loudspeakers need to be analyzed and eventually treated separately by most technologies on the market, the Optimizer considers and addresses every aspect of the reproduction system in its acoustic environment at once. Problems are identified, cross-analysed and compensated with the most efficient and best-sounding compromise.

Flexible Engine

Sound reproduction is very complex and subjective. Depending how far you want to dig into its features, the Optimizer is either a straightforward and easy-to-use automatic compensation system or an incredibly flexible and powerful tool, including numerous advanced filters parameters, target curves and manual eq’s, all being recomputable on the fly. By following an iterative installation procedure, the Optimizer achieves results beyond any expectations in record time.

Exclusive Technology

The package also includes an intelligent 4 ways active crossover semi-automatic calibration engine, an advanced bass management system and most significantly, Trinnov’s exclusive 2D and 3D remapping technology. This last feature enables the playback of any multichannel format in good respect of the pro Audio industry recommendations, regardless of the installed speaker layout. This patented technology is based on Trinnov’s core research on 3D Sound and acoustic fields.

Modular Solution

The Optimizer software is modular and flexible which allows us to offer solutions for almost any need.
Depending on the available processing ressources, up to 64 channels can be supported and freely assigned to any combination of speakers, cross-over filters and subwoofers.