High Performance Digital Acoustics, since 2003.
Pro audio / HiFi High-End Home-Theatre / Cinema / Licencing, OEM
Trinnov Audio designs and manufactures a range of
highly innovative preamplifiers and processors
for luxury Home Theaters, high-end Hi-Fi, Professional Studios and Movie Theaters.
  • 28 April 2015
    High-End show in Munich 2015

    Trinnov Audio to form a unique stereo presentation in Munich with Wilson Benesch, CH Precision and TechDAS

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  • 9 April 2015
    Trinnov Audio to partner with Genelec at prolight+sound 2015

    Trinnov Audio is pleased to support Genelec’s immersive audio demonstration at prolight&sound 2015

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  • 2 February 2015
    Trinnov Audio to support multiple high performance 3D Audio demonstrations at ISE 2015

    Trinnov is pleased to offer several opportunities to experience high performance immersive audio at ISE 2015.

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  • 1 February 2015
    Trinnov Altitude32 to deliver Next-Generation Codec DTS:X

    Trinnov Audio announces that the Altitude32, will deliver the latest in object-based multidimensional sound with DTS:X.

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  • 2 September 2014
    Trinnov Audio partners with Auro Technologies

    Trinnov Audio Partners with Auro Technologies to Bring Immersive Sound in 3D to Home Cinema.

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