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Trinnov ST2 professional audio processor

The ST2 Pro is Trinnov’s pro audio dedicated processor providing 4 simultaneous processing channels. Ideal for TV, music, mastering studios and post-production mixing rooms, the ST2 Pro is the ultimate monitoring solution for any professional stereo applications.


The ST2 Pro includes independents audio and processing sections within a 2U chassis.
The high performance audio interfaces are designed by Trinnov and provide:

  1. 4 balanced analog inputs/outputs via XLR
  2. 2 AES/EBU (4 channels) inputs/outputs via XLR
  3. Word Clock input/output
  4. Optional GPIO extension board

The processor also allows network-based remote control and updates.


The ST2 Pro includes both the processor software and the Optimizer 4 bundle.

The set of features offered by this software suite makes it easy to optimize any of the following speaker configurations:

  1. 2 speakers set
  2. 2 two-ways speakers set
  3. 2.1 system
  4. 2.2 system
  5. 3.1 system
  6. LCRS system
  7. Quad system

Besides, the ST2 Pro can be updated with an optional SmartMeter 4 bundle.

This revolutionary time code-aware metering toolkit includes EBU R128 compliant Loudness and True Peak meters in addition to an extensive set of features and traditional tools such as phase scope, PPM and QPPM meters.