Trinnov ST2 professional audio processor

Trinnov’s ST2 Pro stereo processor is the ideal monitoring solution for recording, music production and mastering studios. Music engineers demand highly accurate monitoring in order to work with subtlety on effects, EQs and dynamics. The ST2 Pro can take their audio monitoring to the next level by improving the phase response of every speaker, which results in a deeper and wider stereo image with more focused phantom sources.

Room correction for your studio

With its 4 simultaneous processing channels, the ST2 Pro supports any stereo speaker setups with 1 or 2 subwoofers.

  1. It features Trinnov’s loudspeaker/room optimization technology;
  2. The optional SmartMeter can be added to provided a comprehensive toolbox of Loudness, True Peak, PPM and QPPM meters, as well as Phase Scope.


The high performance audio interfaces designed by Trinnov provide:

  1. 4 balanced analog inputs/outputs via XLR
  2. 2 AES/EBU (4 channels) inputs/outputs via XLR
  3. Word Clock input/output

Remote Control

Real-Time remote capabalities can be achieved using RS-232, Ethernet IP protocol, optional GPIO boards, optional IR module and/or KVM, optional VGA/DVI touchscreens, and from any PC, Mac, iPad, SmartPhone (with VNC client applications, through the network).

Each processor also supports parameters storage/backups on a USB memory stick.