At the heart of this new generation of processor is a new approach to Digital Signal Processing, based on revolutionary hardware architecture, highly scalable and easy to upgrade.

Instead of traditionally using multiple DSPs implemented in a complex and rigid architecture, Trinnov Audio has developed a multi-purpose processing platform, based on a single multi-core Intel processor to provide unrivalled processing capabilities and open endless software implementation perspectives. Used for almost 10 years in demanding professional environments, this architecture meets the highest requirements in terms of reliability.

Trinnov Altitude rear view

The Altitude32 is the only home cinema preamplifier able to process 32 channels of 24 bits / 192 kHz discrete audio without any downsampling, with a resolution of 64 bits floating point. Combined with one or two magnitude32, processing capabilities can go up to 32 discrete input and 80 processing output channels to meet the requirements of the most ambitious projects.
Significant improvements such as implementing new object-based 3D audio decoders, enhanced subwoofer management or binaural listening will not require Trinnov to redevelop additional DSP boards. These new features can be implemented in record time on the existing platform, and installed over internet in a snap.

More importantly, Trinnov is not dependent on chipsets produced for the mass-market and therefore free to implement new technologies without technical limitations. For Dolby Atmos®, we collaborated with Dolby laboratories on our own implementation of the decoder to go beyond the limitation of 16 Dolby Atmos® channels. To achieve this, manufacturers using off-the-shelf Atmos-ready component would deliver matrixed extra channels while the Altitude32 renders the native material.

Trinnov New Software Preview


In an industry undergoing constant change,
the challenge of the Altitude32 is double:

1. Delivering the ultimate immersive audio experience;

2. Offering an opportunity to invest in a solution not only
up-to-date but ready to stand the test of time.

Trinnov Altitude is future oriented for 3D sound

Since 2003, Trinnov Audio is committed to innovation as a mean to provide high quality sound and future-proof technologies.

Trinnov Audio develops most of the components of the Altitude32 in-house, including the mechanics, design, hardware platform, analog/digital audio boards, room correction, measurement microphone, or even the decoder implementation. As such, the added value of the Altitude32 lies in its unique set of ambitious, bold, controlled and disruptive proprietary technologies, whereby quality, performance, functionalities and scalability are guaranteed now and in the future.
At a time of historic announcements and a latent format war, Trinnov already fulfills its commitment with a singular approach to 3D sound and a unique solution to overcome obsolescence, making the best of Trinnov patented remapping technology, and ensuring sustainable universal 3D audio playback.

In the near future, Trinnov will implement all 3D audio formats in the Altitude32 and provide them as software updates, as long as these formats transport true 3D Audio material from studios to Blu-rays.
Over the long run, both the hardware platform and software environment of the Altitude32 have been designed to allow as many evolutions as possible and enhance the user experience over time.