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designed for 3D sound

We shaped the Altitude32 to ensure an undisputed leadership in 3D sound, leaving nothing to chance: high channel count, huge processing capabilities to meet the highest technical requirements, and exclusive patented technologies to unleash the full potential of immersive sound, regardless of formats and speaker layouts, turning the Altitude32 into a real 3D sound virtuoso and a reference for many years to come.


The standard version of the Altitude32 natively decodes Dolby Digital Plus®, Dolby TrueHD®, DTS Digital Surround® and DTS-HD Master Audio®. With the 3D Audio optional package, you can experience a new world of immersive sound with the latest technologies by Dolby Laboratories®, DTS Inc® and Auro Technologies®.
The Altitude32 is the first High End home cinema processor ready for Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X® and Auro-3D® to guarantee that all existing and future 3D sound native contents can be played back seamlessly.
Dolby Atmos® and Auro-3D® are scalable, respectively up to 34 and 13 channels to dramatically enhance the overall experience by making you feel like you are in the middle of the action.
For legacy content, the Altitude32 also includes both Dolby Surround® Processing and Auro-Matic®.
Trinnov Altitude32 codecs
The Altitude32 makes the best out of Dolby Atmos® with up to 32 Dolby Atmos® channel decoding and the highest possible spatial resolution for object rendering. It also respects the uncompressed audio of Auro-3D® by processing the audio transmitted through Auro-3D® and DTS:X® codecs natively, up to 24 bits / 192 kHz, without down sampling.


This new 3D experience is made possible by delivering extra information to a larger number of speakers, including speakers positioned above your head that will provide the tridimensional immersive effect.
Although Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X® and Auro-3D® provide a major step towards real immersive sound, the specter of format war resurfaces, not only with different audio codecs, but also with a real challenge to overcome to achieve a consistent playback of both formats as Dolby Atmos® and Auro-3D® rely on incompatible speakers layouts.

Full-scale Setup

The inconsistence between Dolby® and Auro® recommendations is very dramatic if we look at their respective full-scale configurations:

  1. Dolby Atmos® delivers up to 10 discrete channels for the height channels, distributed on 2 ceiling lines of 5 speakers.
  2. Auro-3D® delivers up to 5 discrete channels for the height channels, distributed on a circle in the same way as a regular 5.1 system with an extra channel on top called Voice of God.

Auro 3D, Dolby atmos and DTS:X speakers placements
The recommended positions, especially for the height speakers which provide most of the benefits of these new formats are inconsistent. Furthermore no compromise layout could accommodate typical room shape while even approximatively complying with both recommendations.
Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X® and Auro-3D® use their own audio renderer and upmixer, making each format compatible with legacy content and scalable within their respective range of supported configurations, but 3D formats interoperability is not provided.

Basic Setup

The minimum number of speakers required to support both Dolby Atmos® and Auro-3D® is 9 (exclusive of subwoofers), consisting of a regular 5.1 surround system extended with 4 top speakers.

How does a 32 speaker Dolby Atmos® layout translate an Auro-3D® soundtrack?
Even with a basic configuration, the front height speakers position of a Dolby Atmos® 5.1.4 and a 9.1 Auro-3D® systems are inconsistent.

Trinnov provides the required technologies to ensure truly high performance 3D reproduction, regardless of formats and speaker layouts.


The user interface of the Altitude32 provides a configuration page that includes dedicated parameters to affect every single speaker to the relevant rendering channel(s) for both Dolby Atmos® and Auro-3D®.
Zoom on the speakers list in Trinnov new software
This table allows establishing a correspondence between Auro-3D® and Dolby Atmos® but falls short as a true solution to the speaker layout incompatibility, forasmuch as speakers should comply in any case with two incompatible accurate placement recommendations given in distance, azimuth and elevation to guarantee a true-to-source and high performance reproduction of the various native 3D soundtracks to be released within the next years.
Technically, the original 3D sound stage of both formats cannot be reproduced faithfully following Dolby® and Auro® recommendations, unless two speaker sets are installed, which is very inconvenient and implies a poor usage of available speakers.

Choosing the recommended speaker position for Auro-3D® or Dolby Atmos® is a personal choice but playing both is simply not possible without Trinnov spatial remapping.


Request the expertise of Trinnov partners

The remapping technology ensures formats interoperability regardless of formats and speaker layouts, but universal 3D audio playback can be further guaranteed when optimizing the following criterias:

  1. Remapping-friendly speaker positions based on:

    recommendations from Dolby Laboratories® and Auro Technologies®

    Optimum speaker orientation

  2. Reaching an optimum sound to picture coherence, more critical than even with UHD and 3D sound.
  3. Accommodating room shapes
  4. Ensure head clearance

For further and more detailed information, request the expertise of Trinnov partners:

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