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The Ovation provides up to 24 outputs, going hand in hand with every DCI formats.
Trinnov’s acoustic fidelity algorithms go beyond the DCI specifications: they ensure that the high-resolution audio stored on the server reaches the ears of the audience with the highest accuracy, without being distorted by the room’s acoustics.


By fitting the Optimizer technology into the Ovation processor, Trinnov compensates for the acoustic problems of the room architecture and immerses the audience into the heart of the audio experience intended by the director. Your theater customers will benefit from an advanced and recognized technology.


The Trinnov audio processor Ovation lets you switch audio settings and room’s setup in seconds in order to adapt it to alternative content. Your cinemas will expand out of film projection by supporting live performance (operas, plays…), sport events, seminars organization, conferences, congresses, easily adapting to differing audio playback standards.


Trinnov simplifies and improves the whole room equalization process. Our advanced loudspeaker/room optimization algorithms allow cinema installers to reach high-fidelity sound quality in record time. An achievement that they could only dream of a few years ago.

  • All audio boards designed and manufactured by Trinnov
  • A/D signal-to-noise ratio: 119 dBA, THD+N: -103 dB
  • D/A signal-to-noise ratio: 118 dBA, THD+N: -98 dB
  • Independent power supplies for audio and processing sections
  • Advanced jitter-rejection technologies
  • 64-bit floating point processing
  • 8 channels amplifiers/loudspeakers outputs (Analog OUT1, 1-8) via DB-25 connector (impedance<100 O, +24 dBu max)
  • Optional 2 more 8 channels ouputs available for bi-amp and tri-amp (Analog OUT2, 9-16, Analog OUT3, 17-24) via DB-25 connector (impedance <100Ω, +24 dBu max)
  • Hearing-impaired: 1 unbalanced output via RCA connector (H/I)
  • Visual Narration: 1 unbalanced output via RCA connector (VI)
  • Auxiliary: 2 unbalanced output via RCA connector (Aux1, Aux2)
  • Sampling rates: 44.1, 48, 96kHz
  • 8 channels AES DCI, expandable to 16 channels AES DCI via DB-25 connector (Dig IN 1)
  • 8 channels AES DCI, expandable to 16 channels AES DCI via RJ45 connector (Dig IN 2)
  • 2 x SPDIF via BNC connector (Dig IN 3, Dig IN 4)
  • 2 x SPDIF via RCA connector (Dig IN 5, Dig IN 6)
  • 1 x SPDIF TOSLINK (Dig IN 7)
  • 8 balanced inputs (ANALOG IN 1) via DB-25 (impedance >10 kO, +24 dBu max)
  • 8 balanced inputs (Calibration MICs) via 2 x RJ45
  • 2 balanced inputs (LINE L-R) via XLR for mixer set (impedance >10 kO, +18 dBu max)
  • 2 unbalanced inputs (Ana IN2) via RCA connector (impedance >10 kO, +12 dBu max)
  • 2 Balanced microphones input XLR connectors (MIC 1-2) with phantom power

Multiple options are supported for remote control and automation :

  • GPIO
  • Ethernet

Setup and configuration :

  • From any VNC client, through the network
  • Via a VGA monitor and a mouse
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Digital Cinema offers a unique opportunity for dramatically improved sound in theaters. DCI compliant digital cinema servers provide 16 channels of uncompressed, 24 bit linear PCM at 48 or 96 kHz. This is already a huge leap forward compared to the compressed, low resolution sound from the sound-on-film.

Trinnov Audio, a proven innovator of advanced 3D sound technologies, is present in Film mixing stages and dubbing theaters, broadcast control rooms and mastering studios, introduces our most advanced digital cinema audio processor: Ovation.

Ovation offers Trinnov’s patented digital room correction technologies in a package specifically designed for digital cinemas.

Trinnov Optimizer
The most advanced and powerful technology of its kind.

Our research into capturing and reproducing complex three-dimensional sound fields began in 2001.
In fact, the company name derives from “Tri” and “Innovation.” Hence,
Trinnov Audio has meant “Innovation in 3D Audio” from when we first incorporated in 2003.
One of the first things we discovered in our research is that complex 3D sound fields do not blend together seamlessly unless the sound heard from all of the speakers is extremely well-matched in both the amplitude and time domains.
Our Optimizer was developed to achieve this goal with any combination of quality loudspeakers and has become recognized as the most advanced and powerful technology of its kind.

Scala Film Theater (Germany)

Purchasing an Ovation processor gave a new life to our theater. On top of being easy to set-up and install for us, now our customers can enjoy any kind of movie with the sound it really deserves: rich and powerful bass, crystal clear highs and overall a perfectly balanced soundstage.

Ralph Gläser

Phoenix Theaters (USA)

We were offered a demonstration of the Trinnov Ovation and selected our most challenging theatre auditorium acoustically. The results were superb and truly made our theatre perform like never before. It felt so rich and immersive that we purchased our first system on the spot. We have since ordered eight more Trinnov Ovation processors to enhance our premium auditoriums

Cory Jacobson