The Amethyst our flagship stereo preamplifier is a remarkable combination of advanced technologies. Acting has room correction/speaker optimizer a Roon end point and an 11 sources preamplifier.

Like all Trinnov products it delivers an unrivaled level of accuracy regarding processing to maintain the highest possible audio quality throughout the signal path. While regular DSP-based platform would immediately down-sample high-resolution audio material, our platform process audio up to 192 kHz.

Furthermore, our 64 bits floating-point processing section increases the accuracy of all calculation spectacularly to guarantee true signal integrity with a resolution greater than 320dB. This processing headroom allows us to perform digital volume control without any loss of resolution.

The Amethyst includes an 11-source preamplifier with built-in Speaker/Room Optimizer, Trinnov’s innovative HybriD Phono Preamp, a Network Renderer, a 24 bit/192kHz DA Converter and a 2-way intelligent, active crossover engine. It also features built-in Wifi connectivity for simplified operations making it the perfect centerpiece of any traditional or modern Hifi Installation.

Trinnov’s Amethyst DAC-preamplifier-processor is one of those rare components that reveal immediate benefits on first hearing. After running the preamp’s Optimizer calibration, I noted a dramatic cleaning-up of bass definition and a related tightening of midrange focus. Soundstage depth improved, and I experienced clarity and precision from even the most densely mixed of my reference tracks.

Al Griffin, Soundstagesimplifi (US)

Straightforward Automated Process_

The Amethyst includes a calibration wizard that guides you step by step to achieve initial optimization and generate five settings in minutes. An extensive set of parameters then allows you to fine-tune the settings of the system to achieve the best results and adjust the
sound to your liking. You can save up to 29 presets of custom settings.


The Amethyst can drive 4 channels simultaneously and features active crossovers as well as bass management to support a variety of systems such as 2.0, bi-amp, 2.1 or 2.2.


The Amethyst delivers an outstanding transparent sound and provides a versatile set of features as well as rich connectivity, but it stands out with its built-in state-of-the-art room correction system to ensure true-to-source sound reproduction in your listening environment.


The Amethyst can be controlled through the network from a tablet, smartphone or laptop. An IR Remote Control is also provided.

Tom Waters, Soundstage (Australia)

In the end, I loved the Trinnov Amethyst so much that I kept it. Yes, it is fairly expensive, but to me, it was well worth it. For me, it’s also a huge advantage that its flexibility and power allows me to re-calibrate it myself to suit any room or system change. But all that wouldn’t matter one tiny bit if it didn’t sound good. But it most definitely sounds superb. Give it a listen, you may well feel the same.

Joël Chevassus, Sixmoons(France)

It is the concentrated «savoir-faire» hidden in the Trinnov case that is very impressive. To my knowledge, the Optimizer is the most Subtle correction processor that can tell the difference between useful fixes and those that might add problems. If I had to emphasize a single benefit of Amethyst, I would insist on its particular ease of use!

Pierre Fontaine, VU MètrE (FRANCE)

Without the acoustic correction system engaged, the Amethyst already behaves like an excellent preamplifier/converter which does not demerit at all at the proposed price. As we engaged the room correction system, we discover a whole new world we had not yet imagined.

Raphael Vogt, i-fidelity (Germany)

The big hit, apart from the unparalleled Flexibility in signal and memory management, is the Room Correction Optimizer, which lives up to its name. Thanks to three-dimensional acoustics measurement and flawless corrections for timely reproduction, the overall system always sounds fantastic, natural and somehow “right “


  • 2 single-ended channels Inputs via 2 x cinch (47k Ohms)
  • 2 single-ended channels outputs via 2 x cinch (47 Ohms)
  • 4 single-ended channels outputs via 4 x cinch (100 Ohms)
  • 4 balanced channels inputs via 4 x XLR (20k Ohms)
  • 4 balanced channels outputs via 4 x XLR (100 Ohms)
  • AES I/O
    • 4 channels inputs via 2 x XLR (110 Ohms)
    • 4 channels outputs via 2 x XLR (110 Ohms)
    • 4 channels inputs via 2 x cinch (75 Ohms)
    • 4 channels outputs via 2 x cinch (75 Ohms)
    • 4 channels inputs via 2 x toslinks
  • ADC resolution / sample rate: 24 bits/96 kHz
  • DAC resolution / Sampling rate: 24 bits/192 kHz
  • A/D signal -to-noise ratio: 119 dB (A-Weighted)
  • D/A signal -to-noise ratio: 118 dB (A-Weighted)
  • Clock / Jitter: Jitter Attenuation superior to 50 dB is achieved above 100Hz
  • Power supply: Independent for audio and processing sections
  • Safety components: AntiPop relays on each analog output
  • Design and assembly: Designed and manufactured by Trinnov in France

VNC is the easiest solution to control the Amethyst through the network from any tablet, computer or smartphone. The Amethyst has both built-in Ethernet network and wireless capabilities which allows it to connect to your local ethernet network to your existing Wi-fi network, or to act as a Wi-Fi access point (AP)




Roon is a music server system designed to reconnect you with music. It collects your music from all your computers, NAS drives, and even streaming services like TIDAL™, bringing them together in an interface that invites musical exploration.

  • Processor: Intel Dual-Core 1,8 GHz
  • Data width: 64 bits, floating point
  • RAM: 1 Go DDR3
  • Storage: Flash Drive 1 GB
  • Cooling system: Custom heat sinks + additional slow fans

Power supply:240V AC / 50-60 Hz. Option: 130V AC
Consumption:90 W max.
Environmental conditions:

  • Operating: 0°C – 40°C (32°F – 104°F)
  • Humidity: 20% – 80% relative humidity (without condensation)