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  • If you require technical assistance or support on the Trinnov products you have purchased, please first contact your local reseller.

2.emaiL US

  • If your reseller cannot solve your problem, please email us at support@trinnov.com
  • We’ll do our best to answer your request as quickly as possible.


  • +33 (0)1 84 23 40 34 (France) : 9am to 6pm (Central European Time)
  • +1 (860) 365-5977 (USA) :  9am to 6pm (Eastern Time)


  • Software support can be performed remotely by Trinnov.
  • Prior to our intervention, please make sure that the Processor is connected to the internet and that outgoing connection to port 22 is open.

When the Optimizer is connected to Trinnov’s server, the Network Status in the Setup/System Status page will change to ‘Connected to Trinnov Audio Server.
If the machine is connected to a network, but the Network Status is ‘Local Network OK’, it means that the Trinnov Server cannot be reached from your network. Please refer to the Troubleshooting chapter about Network Connection in the reference manual.



Trinnov outsources the development of most control drivers to a specialised company.
For AMX, Control4, Crestron, Elan and RTI drivers, please visit Janus Technology’s website to download the latest driver version. Register on their website, the download of our drivers is obviously entirely free.

The Savent driver is developed in-house and can be found here.