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Loudspeaker Positions Guide

For two years now we have been giving to all our partners a Guide Book recommending the best practice for speaker placement. The Document written by Trinnov CEO Arnaud Laborie is now available in a free shorter version courtesy of Trinnov Inc managing director Jon Herron and Widescreen Review Magazine.

With our unique ability to render object-oriented audio formats to more than merely 12 or 16 channels, we have had more experience than any other company in helping our distributors and dealers around the world implement truly high-spatial-resolution home cinemas.

Height Vs Top Speakers

Back in 2016, we decided we should update our early loudspeaker placement recommendations “white paper” with everything we had learned implementing and helping to calibrate hundreds of such theaters. We thought it would take five to six weeks and result in perhaps 15 to 20 pages. We were wrong!

Fourteen months later, we ended up with an 80+ page document designed to help our dealers take full advantage of the Altitude32 ’s unique capabilities. Its goal: to help our dealers design and implement home cinemas that were optimized for multi-listener cinemas optimized for multi-format reproduction (Auro-3D®, Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X® and, soon, DTS:X Pro®). Widescreen Review has generously offered to publish a series of articles that lay out the thinking behind these design strategies for the benefit of its readership.

Download It for Free Here