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Invision immersive audio event at Dolby Europe

This past April in London we took part in a dedicated to Immersive Audio at Dolby Laboratories Europe headquarters with our high-end UK distributor Invision. Recipient of “Best Trade Supplier” at the last two editions of the CEDIA Awards, Invision invited us among several other companies leading the way in all things Immersive Audio including Artnovio Procella Audio and the Cinema Designer: offering a complete overview of the most advanced Immersive Audio techniques and solutions.

The day featured the following additional presentations:

Trinnov Audio – Speaker layout recommendations from Trinnov CEO Arnaud Laborie taken from his CEDIA training and Speaker Layout Recommendation Guide that Trinnov supplies to its certified trainers.

Artnovion – Room acoustic treatments with a special presentation from Artnovion CEO and founder Jorge Castro

Procella Audio – Why Procella is the professional choice for home cinemas with Jan Anderson Product Manager at Procella Audio

Cinema Designer Software  Why TCD will revolutionize cinema design with TCD CEO and founder Guy Singleton

Dolby  Dolby Vision HDR

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