Trinnov reveals the Amethyst

4 October 2012

Trinnov Audio reveals the Amethyst at the Haute Fidelité show 2012 in Paris

Hôtel Mariott Paris rive gauche, Duke Ellington room, 2nd and 3rd November 2012.

Paris, France, September 28th – Trinnov Audio will reveal its new Hi-Fi product during the 10th Haute Fidélité show in Paris: the Amethyst preamp.

Renowned in the Audio pro industry for the quality of its active acoustics solutions, the French manufacturer intends to establish its reputation as High-End innovative electronics manufacturer.

The neat design of the Amethyst hides a genuine cluster of technologies: 11 sources, a phono preamp, HiRes file network rendering, AD/DA converters, Word Clock I/O, an acoustic measurement and optimization system with phase correction and loudspeaker remapping, 4 simultaneous outputs, mono and stereo bass management, 2-ways active x-overs and remote control through the Network from an iPad or automation systems.

Trinnov Audio will set up 2 distinct systems in the Duke Ellington room at the Hôtel Mariott next 2nd and 3rd November, along with Fabrice Mazzoleni, owner of Espace Cinema Mouroux, Trinnov’s Paris dealer.

The two speaker systems will be a pair of Kef Blades powered by a Coda 33.0 power amp and an atypical 2-way active crossover system made of Triangle Magellan Duetto bookshelf speakers and two Paradigm Sub 12.

A unique event not to be missed.

Availability:  December 2012.

Press Contact
Trinnov Audio, Jacques Di Giovanni,, +33 (0) 1 47 06 61 37