Trinnov introduces SmartMeter V3

20 August 2012

Trinnov presents SmartMeter V3 at IBC 2012 in Amsterdam

Visit us in hall 8, booth #A13

Paris, France, August 20, 2012 – Trinnov Audio will showcase the new version of its metering solution at the IBC 2012 in Amsterdam from 7th to 11th September 2012. With SmartMeter V3, Trinnov expects to become one of the main players on the metering market.

The new SmartMeter features major improvements and unique functionalities including long-awaited Time Code synchronization of Loudness / True Peak measurements, allowing for real-time logging and consistent Loudness / LRA measurements at any time, all along different mixing stages.

Furthermore, SmartMeter V3 supports multiple user-defined sources with independent Loudness/True Peak measurements.

Thanks to these unique features, users no longer have to manually pause, resume or even start measurements over. Every Loudness values are stored and time stamped throughout the session. Projects can therefore be paused, shared on a network and resumed in other studios.

Ultimate Loudness Metering Suite

Trinnov developed four Loudness instruments to meet specific applications requirements:

  • The Loudness meter was completely redesigned and now behaves like a true Timeline including real-time zooming and three different scrolling modes to easily navigate through critical areas of a project.:
  • The Loudness Meters combines meters and numeric values to give engineers the most pertinent information during mixing.
  • The M Stats shows the distribution of momentary loudness values of the program in real-time. The M Stats includes a range selection tool that highlights corresponding values and gated areas in the Timeline, providing the most helpful instrument to adjust a mix and comply with recommendations without loudness leveling.
  • The Loudness Overview provides several numeric values for up to 5 independent sources per instance and up to 20 when combined with the Multi-View display.

Alert Reporting

  • Advanced profiling: includes different preconfigured alert profiles such as EBU R128, CST RT17, ATSC A/85, ARIB BR-T32 but also numerous user-defined thresholds feeding a dynamic alert system integrated with every instruments of the SmartMeter. Alerts can then be displayed in a table, filtered by type of alert and/or source.
  • Reporting: complete reports are saved with the session, providing several information about the project, the compliance status of each source with regards to the selected alert profile and the list of alerts.
  • Depending on the environment, the SmartMeter can send alerts to a server using SNMP traps.

Comprehensive set of instruments

  • RMS / PPM / QPPM / True Peak Meters
  • Surround Sound Analyser: Level, Phase and Interchannel Phase correlation meters.
  • Real Time Spectrum Analyser: 1/3rd Octave analyser with source & channel selection
  • 2-channel audio vectorscope including a stereo correlator and true peak meter

Custom Layouts

  • Customizable display: any of the 15 instrument and/or menu can be arranged and accessed on a 4×4 split interface optimized for touch screens.
  • Monitoring Controller with source switching, each associated with DRC and/or Downmix profiles.

Hardware Platforms

The SmartMeter is a software option for Trinnov Audio’s stereo and multichanel monitoring platforms.

Stereo setup:

  • ST2 Pro with 4 analog and 4 digital I/O

Multichannel AES:

  • MC Processor with 8 Digital I/O / 3×8 input channels switching (3x Sub D25)
  • MC Processor with 16 Digital I/O + 8 additional switchable inputs (3x Sub D25)

Note that AES Processors can be upgraded with additional analog expansion boards providing from 4 up to 16 analog I/O.

Multichannel MADI:

  • MC Processor with 64 MADI I/O

Availability:  October 2012.


Press Contact
Trinnov Audio, Jacques Di Giovanni,, +33 (0) 1 47 06 61 37