TMT 2012

5 October 2012

Trinnov presents SmartMeter V3 at TMT 2012 in Köln

Visit us on booth 1-28

Trinnov Audio will showcase the new version of its metering solution at the TMT 2012 in Köln from November 22-25 with its German distributor Medialantic.

With SmartMeter V3, Trinnov expects to become one of the main players on the metering market.

The new SmartMeter features major improvements and unique functionalities including long-awaited Time Code synchronization of Loudness / True Peak measurements, allowing for real-time logging and consistent Loudness / LRA measurements at any time, all along different mixing stages.

Furthermore, SmartMeter V3 supports multiple user-defined sources with independent Loudness/True Peak measurements.

Thanks to these unique features, users no longer have to manually pause, resume or even start measurements over. Every Loudness values are stored and time stamped throughout the session. Projects can therefore be paused, shared on a network and resumed in other studios.

Lecture by Arnaud Laborie

“Timecode-aware Loudness Monitoring: accelerate your everyday’s workflows”

While EBU R-128 loudness normalisation is in the process of being adopted by a majority of european countries, most real-time loudness meters aren’t still completely adapted to mixing engineers’ workflows, as continuous project measurements are always required to keep consistent loudness values.
Trinnov Audio solves this equation with SmartMeter v3, by synchronizing loudness measurement to timecode. Every Loudness and True peak values are constantly recorded and time stamped, allowing their calculation at any time. Engineers no longer have to manually pause, resume or even start a measurement over to keep a relevant loudness monitoring.

Combined with four integrated loudness meters, multi-loudness management, momentary loudness statistics, dynamic alerts profiling, sessions save and recall capabilities, detailed reporting, SNMP traps, this unique timecode-aware feature turns Trinnov SmartMeter V3 into one the most comprehensive loudness metering solution available on the market.

Arnaud Laborie, Trinnov Audio’s CEO will explain how SmartMeter v3 is bringing an intuitive solution to effective and time-saving Loudness QCs.

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