Trinnov Audio at ISE 2014

27 janvier 2014

Trinnov audio will exhibit at ISE 2014 in Amsterdam from 4th to 6th February, booth 7-S200.

The Altitude32, designed as the most advanced Home Cinema AV-Preamplifier on the market, as well as upgraded versions of the Magnitude32, now featuring Digital Inputs and revised prices.

In addition, the Amethyst and the ST2-HiFi will be showcased in their latest firmware version.

High-End Home Cinema Installations



Trinnov Audio is proud to premiere the Altitude32 at ISE 2014.

The Altitude32 is not only the outcome of Trinnov’s extensive research in 3D Sound, but also the result of 10 years experience in loudspeaker/room correction in a wide range of applications, from film post-production and mastering suites to commercial cinemas and top-end audiophile music reproduction systems.

This expertise and research for best audio quality has led Trinnov to work on the ultimate home cinema processor and room/speaker optimizer on the market.

The Altitude32 is scheduled to be shipping in September 2014.


Trinnov’s multichannel loudspeaker/room processor range magnitude32 upgrades with 8 AES-EBU digital inputs, upgradable to 16, in addition to its current Analog connectivity. Also, all the Magnitude32 configuration will now benefit from revised prices.


High-End Music reproduction


The Amethyst is Trinnov’s flagship product for High-End music reproduction.

Not only a versatile and innovative 11 sources preamplifier, the Amethyst also includes 4 audiophile grade AD/DA converters, a UPnP / DLNA-compliant streamer, a HybriD phono preamp and the brand’s acknowledged Loudspeaker/Room correction technology Optimizer.


The ST2 HiFi is a 4-channels stereo AD/DA converter & Loudspeaker/Room Optimizer, designed to integrated and improve any HiFi installation system.



Trinnov Audio will be demonstrating the latest software version delivered with the Amethyst and ST2 HiFi, significantly improving the user experience and musical performance, thanks to a redesigned user interface, a user-friendly step-by-step calibration wizard and further improvements of Trinnov Audio’s unrivaled Optimization algorithms.

Find out more on Trinnov’s booth 7-S200.


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