CES 2013

7 January 2013

This year, CES offers 4 opportunities to experience the Trinnov Optimizer technology. Curt Hoyt, Trinnov USA Dir of Sales and Marketing will support the demonstrations and may be reached by text or calling area 714 phone 412-2202.

Audio Design Associates – Venetian Suite 30-311

ADA will be demonstrating the Trinnov Optimizer technology with a 7.3 channel RBH Sound speaker system, Display Developments projector and Screen Innovations screen.  This room has both demo area with both projection screen and flat screen at 90 deg, with demo including rotation of acoustic image.  Very effective for demonstrating the flexibility of remapping.

ADA/DBox/Kscape/Triad – Venetian Bassano 2710 on Level 2

This is a dedicated room, with usually 6 DBox seats, with ongoing formal presentations to groups of six.  There is a large projection screen with free standing speakers, with the center located below the screen.  It will feature full Trinnov correction: loudspeaker and room are Optimized, and Remapping is utilized to raise the acoustic image into the screen.

DTS, Central Hall, 9839.

Trinnov correction is an added touch to DTS‘s demo that has all the ingredients any Movie Enthusiast would love: a 11.1 soundtrack to highlight  DTS’s new headphone technology Headphone X, with playback on Focal studio monitors (Twin 6BE and Solo 6BE) in a good sized demo room.  Listeners will compare room playback with headphones listening.   The inclusion of Trinnov brings an improvement of speaker to speaker issues imposed by the room, resulting in improved  spatial  imaging and more consistent bottom end.  In ideal conditions, one only hears sound images, and the speakers disappear.  A perfect way to be introduced to DTS’s Headphone X format!

Audio Plus Services – Venetian Tower – Suite 30-117

Audio Plus Services will be utilizing a Trinnov ST2-HiFi and the Trinnov Optimizer correction on a 2.1 Focal speaker system, featuring the Focal Diablo Utopias with a Utopia EM Passive Sub.  As the speakers are  showcased, you may not notice the ST2 HiFi in the system, so  you’ll have to ask about the Trinnov correction in this room to learn more.