B&W Group France trusts Trinnov

12 February 2014

In September 2012, B&W Group France, affiliated to the legendary speaker manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins, inaugurated a unique show-room in Lyon.

An Exceptional Venue…

The show-room, called ID Lounge, not only presents B&W speakers and accessories but demonstrates every brand distributed by the group: B&W, Classe Audio, Rotel, Savant, Nuvo…



The concept is to integrate the latest technologies in a domestic environment to offer the best possible audiovisual experience across 7 different rooms in a luxurious loft.

Visitors can discover a wide range of applications, including multi room audio and video distribution, automation (lighting, air conditioning, surveillance, central heating…), HiFi or Home Cinema (B&W CT800).

…with a Trinnov optimized HiFi Room

The ID Lounge designers wanted the highest quality of music reproduction for their HiFi room, and naturally chose the top-level speakers of the brand: the Nautilus and 800 Series Diamond, powered byClassé Audio electronics.

The Trinnov Audio team was pleased to contribute to this challenge by optimizing the integration of these fabulous speakers in the room’s acoustics with a ST2 HiFi.

Contact ID Lounge to visit.


ST2 HiFi