ADA introduces the TEQ-4, TEQ-8 and TEQ-12

3 June 2011

Friday, 03 June 2011

ADA introduces the TEQ series of Trinnov based room correction optimizers, the TEQ-4, TEQ-8, and TEQ-12

Audio Design Associates (ADA), the recognized brand of excellence in high-end custom installed electronics, announced that they will be displaying its cutting-edge ADA TEQ (Trinnov EQ) series of room optimizers this week at CEDIA Expo in Atlanta, Georgia.

The line-up includes the TEQ-4 four-channel optimizer ideal for two-channel (stereo) systems as well as the TEQ-8 eight-channel and TEQ-12 twelve-channel optimizer ideal for home cinema.

“The addition of the TEQ-4, TEQ-8 and TEQ-12 to our home theater offering solidifies ADA’s position as the absolute leader in state-of-the-art home cinema technologies. Along with our new HDMI preamp/controllers like the Suite 7.1 and Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV as well as our Whisper power amplifiers – the PTM-7150 and PTM-5150, there simply is no better sounding system available and we have the forum enthusiasts support here.” notes Richard Stoerger, Vice President & C.O.O. “While room correction is nothing new to our industry, the approach Trinnov employs is completely different from any other correction technology available.”

Utilizing the Quad-Microphone Acoustic Probe (Q-MAP), the TEQ analyzes the sound field generated by the loudspeakers and listening environment including the loudspeakers’ 3-D positions as well as the loudspeakers’ and room’s characteristics. In addition to remapping the speaker placements – including elevation and azimuth, the TEQ automatically corrects for amplitude and phase. The TEQ also allows one to set their own target curves in addition to presets ideal for music and film.

“The Trinnov room optimization system is the only one we have ever considered employing in our own product line because their processes take into consideration the entire room – electronics, speakers, and the room. Their research in acoustics which led first to the development of perhaps the most accurate microphone for recording surround sound is what led Trinnov to developing their optimizer technology and simply put, there is nothing else like it.” states Albert Langella, ADA’s President and C.E.O. “We started conversations with Curt Hoyt over five years ago and have been working on the TEQ project for nearly three years. I can say without any hesitation that it has been worth the wait and firmly believe that our dealer base will agree.”

“We are extremely excited about our partnership with Audio Design Associates because not only are they true innovators but because they are also extremely easy to work with.” Says Curt Hoyt, Trinnov’s U.S.A. representative. “Thanks to this partnership, we can make our advanced room equalization technology available to the exciting world-wide hi-end home theater market. We are confident that in ADA, we have the best partner to achieve this ambitious goal.”

Trinnov’s automatic digital crossover alignment and room correction technologies are widely recognized as the benchmark in their field employed by large post-production facilities such as Fox Studios, the Quinta Group, the Teletota Group, and Cinephase in their mixing and dubbing stages. Now this same technology is available by ADA. The TEQ-4 retails for $10,000, the TEQ-8 for $12,000 and the TEQ-12 for $15,000.

About Audio Design Associates
Headquartered in White Plains, New York, Audio Design Associates (ADA) is recognized as the brand of excellence and has been the undisputed leader in the fields of high-end home theater and multi-room audio technology since 1977. Its mission is to provide timeless electronics that enhance lifestyle through entertainment. Albert Langella, ADA’s Chief Design Engineer, CEO and President, received CEDIA’s most hallowed award, The Lifetime Achievement Award, in 1994, in honor of his achievements with the company and technological contributions to the marketplace. In 2006, COO and VP Richard Stoerger received recognition as CEDIA Manufacturer Volunteer of the Year.

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Trinnov Audio is a team of engineers who are passionate about audio quality. We focus on developing innovative solutions that improve the quality of sound throughout the production chain until the end listener. Trinnov loudspeaker processors are used in music, broadcast and post-production studios around the world. In 2010, Trinnov partnered with DCI market leader Doremi Cinema to bring Trinnov to thousands of cinemas worldwide. For more information, please visit

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