Trinnov SRP offers high quality surround recordings from a compact microphone array placed in the middle of a sound scene. It has been specially designed to meet modern production challenges to deliver high quality surround sound experiences to the end listener with reasonable engineering effort.


Based on a break-through and patented High Spatial Resolution technology, Trinnov SRP is the only surround recording system to offer simple and extensive post-production possibilities to create robust and high quality multichannel content that optimally supports any existing audio format and coding.

High Spatial Resolution

High Spatial Resolution (HSR) is the spatial equivalent for high temporal resolution, which is also called High Fidelity (HiFi). High Fidelity aims at recording sound precisely, including the least audible details, i.e. within a wide frequency band.

Similarly, HSR aims at accurately recording the spatial characteristics of a sound environment.


Spatial resolution is directly connected to the angular selectivity of directivity patterns. Whereas temporal resolution is characterized by the frequency, spatial resolution is characterized by the “spatial frequency”, which is also called the order

The higher the order is, the higher spatial resolution is:
– Order 0 corresponds to an omnidirectional directivity and does not select any direction in space.
– Order 1 corresponds to a figure-of-8, combinations of order 0 and order 1 give all directivities ranging from an omni to a bidirectional pattern, including cardioids and hypercardioids. All these directivities are directly provided by standard capsules.
– Higher orders give more selective patterns.

Trinnov Audio has developed the HSR technology to overcome some limitations of current spatial audio systems.

Thanks to our unique research about both acoustic field capture and restitution, it is possible to extract more efficiently the least spatial information that any microphone array can get and to compute more efficient signals to feed any loudspeaker array.

Trinnov Audio’s Surround Recording Platform delivers directivities up to order 5. Both figures below represent the most selective directivity achievable using 1st and 5th order.

1st order

High Spatial Resolution allows:

  1. a wide listening area,
  2. accurate tones,
  3. perfect down-mix,
  4. optimal use of the centre channel (and optionally LFE),
  5. harmonious integration of panned sources,
  6. true envelopment (phantom images over 360°),
  7. pin-point phantom images,
  8. efficient control of the reverberation,
  9. robustness to post-processing.

For more information, please read our White Paper about HSR.