The SmartMeter is a software option available for Trinnov’s Pro Audio processors: the ST2 Pro, the D-Mon Series and the MC Series. It is available as a stand-alone metering solution or in addition to Trinnov’s acclaimed loudspeaker/room Optimizer.

Time code-aware loudness metering

Most common loudness real-time loudness meters require to measure a project from beginning to end without rollbacks or time jumps to obtain its Integrated Loudness level. Even if pausing is possible with most instruments, this method is definitely not ideal.

Trinnov unique time code-aware SmartMeter takes loudness metering to a new dimension. The measurement automatically starts and pauses following the playback system, continuously providing consistent values, whether the operator jogs, shuttles or rewinds through the project.

AES134 Convention e-Brief: Timecode-Aware Loudness Monitoring: Accelerate Engineers Everyday Workflows

Another huge advantage of Time Code synchronization is the possibility to trigger real-time alerts and update them as the mix is adjusted. Alerts thresholds can be configured to meet requirements of any organisations and/or companies.

Having Loudness and Peak values stored and time-stamped also makes session recall relevant. Projects can be paused, shared over a network and resumed in other studios in the actual very same conditions.

Trinnov powerful platforms allow Loudness and True Peak measurements to be activated independently for multiple user-defined sources.

Multichannel platform users can cutomize their workspace and save custom layouts in presets.

Comprehensive set of Instruments

The Trinnov SmartMeter offers a comprehensive set of instruments to make sure your mixes can be broadcasted or delivered.

  1. Four complementary Loudness Meters (EBU R128)
  2. Peak Meter (sample-peak)
  3. Quasi-Peak Meter (DIN 45406)
  4. True-Peak Meter (EBU R128)
  5. Real-Time spectrum analyser (1/3rd octave)
  6. Surround Sound Analyser: Level, Phase and Interchannel Phase correlation meters.
  7. 2-channel audio vectorscope including a stereo correlator and true peak meter
  8. Monitoring Controller with source switching, DRC and Downmix activation.