Broadcast Audio

As nowadays TV and Radio contents are mostly emitted via Set Top Boxes providers, Broadcasters are getting more concerned by the video and audio quality delivered to final users. If Video supervising is mostly getting under control, audio quality is not always supervized the way it should be, and that’s where the Trinnov Supervizer is bringing the ultimate solution.


The Trinnov’s Supervizer is based on multiple layers of high performance algorithms that compares off-air audio returns to on-air reference signals. Unprecedented accuracy can be achieved in monitoring audio QoS and QoE.

Under Control

Supervizer displays complete real-time alerts reporting on Main Control Screens via SNMP and VNC, records and replays errors, archives log report files that can be downloaded via FTP.


The Supervizer Solution

The Trinnov Supervizer is used to check a group of audio signals by comparing them to a reference in real-time.

The system is connected to different audio sources (ie. provided by Set Top Boxes). These signals which synchronisation need to be checked are sent to the supervizer through Analog and AES (small structures, up to 32 channels) or MADI (up to 64 channels).

The Graphical User Interface consists of a main screen and a configuration screen. The main screen, or grid, represents the state of the audio signals in the form of colored boxes.