ST2 PRO Processor
4-channels Stereo Monitoring Platform.
The ST2 Pro hosts a 4-channels Optimizer (the best room correction ever) for a perfect listening in front of typical analog consoles with a monitoring control included. Smart-Meter (Loudness metering) comes as a perfect option for Music, mastering and post-production studios. 4 Analog & 4 AES IOs.

D-mon Series
The most advanced monitoring processor.
The integrated monitoring processor that offers the ultimate combination of inputs/outputs, routing, mix, speaker/room correction and loudness metering…

MC Processor
Multichannel Moniting Platform.
Designed to meet the most demanding requirements of HDTV and feature film mixing, the MC Processor includes an extensive set of innovative monitoring features, from loudspeaker/room correction to time code aware loudness metering.