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The Optimizer is an innovative solution for flexible speaker placement while retaining the spatial imaging of the original soundtrack. The Trinnov Optimizer cleans most loudspeaker system imperfections including 3D position errors, frequency response, group delay, phase, incorrect channel assignment…

Trinnov Audio is developing a licensing program for integration of Trinnov Optimizer into consumer products, initially targeting surround processors and AV receivers.

The Trinnov Optimizer DSP solution offers a tremendous opportunity for surround products including:

  • enhanced product differentiation
  • show stopping customer benefits at a competitive price
  • simple, 1 minute customer setup, zero knowledge required, with stunning results.

Why the Optimizer?

To accelerate the acceptance of surround products in homes.

The audio industry has evolved through a significant shift from home stereo to a supportive role in the multimedia home entertainment environment. The home entertainment systems available today offer unprecedented entertainment choices for the consumer: video, HD TV, computing, movies, and now, 5.1 surround music. A key element in all the deliverable formats is a 5.1 multichannel playback system. This is in full evidence where there is now a CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) standard in development for new home “prewire standards.”

While much is being done to integrate entertainment systems into the home, a key weakness for the audio market segment has been how to get “perfect” speaker placement in the typically imperfect home environment. Without ideal speaker placement, much of the huge investment in software content is lost: the surround experience is not correctly delivered to the listener.

This is most evident with the relatively low market acceptance of DVD-Audio and SACD surround music formats.
There is a significant market opportunity to accelerate the acceptance of home theater through solutions that achieve optimal playback characteristics from any reasonable speaker arrangement. Current solutions to improve multichannel reproduction address correction of amplititude, time/delay, and basic equalization. The best systems have automated the process and utilize a calibration microphone.

While the improvement is significant, it is not enough, as correction is required for poor imaging resulting from compromised loudspeaker placement. Trinnov Audio‘s extensive research has lead to the development of a restitution process, marketed under the name Optimizer, that transforms audio content through acoustic field restitution to optimise playback within typical “imperfect” spaces that are imposed on the listener. By bringing an unprecedented flexibility in the loudspeaker positions, Trinnov Optimizer has been designed to accelerate the adoption of home theater systems.

With the Trinnov Optimizer, home theatre systems are easy to install and deliver optimal multichannel sound.


The Optimizer is a post-process algorithm applied directly after a usual multichannel decoding process. Trinnov Audio has developed DSP implementations.