Trinnov magnitude32



Passive acoustics is mandatory in Home Theater designs to linearise the energy spread and control late reverberation, but cannot always deal with the speaker acoustic environment, nor phase issues, especially when soundtracks need to be played through perforated screens.

Furthermore, typical room do not allow for ideal loudspeakers placement, and perfect impulse response unfortunately do not exist.

With the amount of Room/Speaker acoustic interactions growing with 3D Sound high channel and speaker count, using the appropriate audio calibration solution becomes more critical than ever before to achieve the most accurate and immersive sound reproduction.


A Home Theater audio installation cannot reach a level of complexity that could undermine the processing power of the magnitude32. Our multichannel processor can handle up to 32 channels and perform 4-ways active crossovers calibration. With its 3D acoustic measurement and analysis engine, best-in-class Room/Speaker Optimizer, multiple automatic and manual processing options, patented 2D/3D loudspeaker remapping technology and unlimited number of supported subwoofers, the magnitude32 stands out of competition as the most powerful multichannel processor on the market.

The high performance electronics, high-resolution processing engine and comprehensive set of features ensure an unrivalled level of audio performance and ease of implementation to the system designer.

When considered in the first steps of a dedicated home cinema room design, the magnitude32 becomes an excellent partner to achieve the best performance, regardless of the installation complexity. Your sound system could never be so close to perfection.