The power of Sound

The Amplitude8 power amplifier is designed to ensure that your loudspeakers will deliver the most spectacular performance in your luxury home theater.


  1. Huge power, dynamic and bass impact;
  2. unparalleled clarity, resolution and musicality;
  3. 8 channels each with 225W into 8 ohms;
  4. dual 4-channel design with dual power supply and 2 independent inlets;
  5. Hypex Ncore® class D amplifier technology used in the finest audiophile monoblocks;
  6. high-efficiency, quiet convection-cooled design.

Trinnov Amplitude8 Power Amplifier

Feel the power
The two linear power supplies based on heavy duty toroidal power transformers allow every module of the Amplitude8 to deliver 225W into 8 ohms, 375W into 4 ohms and 500W into 2 ohms.
These no-compromise specs allow for:
  1. a huge dynamic range and bass impact only found in the best commercial theaters;
  2. a powerful three-dimensional soundstage;
  3. the most energetic climaxes and explosions.
State-of-the-art performance
State-of-the-art performance
The amplification stage of the Amplitude8 also features the industry’s lowest distortion and noise specifications, and its performance is frequency-independent.
What does this actually mean for your movie experience?
  1. Audiophile-grade audio performance in your home theater;
  2. zero background noise during the most quiet scenes of the movie;
  3. the finest sound quality and realism on music and movies alike, even at high loudness levels.
Perfect match for the Altitude32
The perfect match
for your Altitude32
The Amplitude8 integrates seamlessly with your Altitude32
A/V preamp, both visually and technically.
  1. The Amplitude8’s input level perfectly matches the Altitude32’s output level, ensuring an optimal use of the dynamic range at the amplification stage;
  2. the Altitude32’s outputs can easily be connected to the Amplitude8’s input via D-Sub or XLR cables;
  3. the Amplitude8’s front panel was designed to match the Altitude32’s facade and will look magnificent in your home theater’s rack.
Home theater design software
  1. The Amplitude8 is featured in The Cinema Designer software.
    The Cinema Designer



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Issue #261 – Feb 2017