The Professional’s Choice
for Speaker/Room Optimization

For almost 10 years, Trinnov has provided prestigious customers with room correction solutions within the professional audio industry. In facts, the Optimizer technology is used across the entire film production chain, from mixing facilities to commercial theaters.

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For several decades, even in studios with professional room treatment, the audio system is always calibrated precisely in respect with the industry recommendations to make sure that the soundtrack is reproduced consistently from the studio to theaters, supposed to comply with the same standards.

Traditionally in film studios, the audio calibration is performed with a real-time analysis measurement system and graphic equalizers, but a large number of discerning professionals rely on Trinnov’s expertise in the area of digital acoustic to achieve further improvements, with more advanced techniques such as impulse response measurement, time/frequency analysis and compensations.

Among those that trust Trinnov with their reputation are:


All-in-one solution

All model of the Altitude32 include the same Optimization technology used in studios and commercial cinemas to efficiently meet the industry standards and ensure a true to source reproduction in home cinemas.

But the Optimizer goes far beyond a simple calibration tool and represents today’s most comprehensive and advanced room correction system available on the market, including an unrivalled set of complementary features:

  1. Acoustic analysis
    The Optimizer includes a comprehensive measurement system and a very powerful graph engine to display multiple measurements with incredible flexibility on a single display. Acoustic reports can also be exported as PDF;
  2. Best-in-class Optimization
    Based on a single or true multipoint measurement, the Optimizer runs proprietary algorithms to generate compensation filters and optimize both time and frequency related issues, dramatically improving the amplitude, phase and impulse response of all speakers in the room;
  3. Extreme flexibility
    The Optimizer is also unique in providing not only target curves but also over 40 different optimization parameters that can be applied on the fly, and saved in one of the 29 user presets available;
  4. Intelligent active cross-over
    The only system in the world able to automatically align up to 4-ways multi-amplified speakers is included in the Optimizer. This technology is used in over 1500 commercial cinemas and studios worldwide;
  5. Advanced bass management
    Subwoofers are fully integrated in the Optimization process, aligned with satellite not only in the amplitude domain but also precisely time-aligned, with endless possibilities and bass management options.

Trinnov Optimizer ON on front face of Altitude32Ultimately, with the Optimizer engaged, the sound stage is wide, deep, fully transparent and incredibly stable, with a better localization of sound events. Individual speakers disappear and create a natural, non-colored sound profile to allow a much better dialog intelligibility. The dynamic is huge, with deeper and tighter bass.

Depending how far you want to dig into its features, the Optimizer is either a straightforward and easy-to-use automatic compensation system or an incredibly flexible and powerful tool.

In any case, the Optimizer being fully integrated in the Altitude32 and fully remotable, assistance can be provided remotely over internet, from anywhere on the planet.

3D Audio Optimization

In order to fill the room with sound and create a unique sensation of multidimensional immersive audio, 3D sound formats use extra speakers, which mechanically increase the amount of loudspeaker/room interaction, and lower chances to correct the acoustical problems with passive treatment alone.

For this reason, industry leaders such as Technicolor or the NHK Science & Technical Research Laboratories use Trinnov Loudspeaker/Room Optimization technology to ensure that the system they use for research performs at the highest level since 2007. Film mixing facilities in Europe and Japan also rely on the Optimizer technology for 3D sound mixing.

The Altitude32 includes up to 32 channels of room optimization.