Trinnov ST2 HiFi


Acoustic Fidelity

The weakest element of any high-fidelity system is the room. Typical rooms introduce up to 10dB of distortion in the frequency response. Furthermore, loudspeakers with a perfect impulse response don’t exist.

Trinnov’s ST2-HiFi solves the acoustic equation. It takes your high-end system to a whole new level of accuracy, from high-fidelity to acoustic-fidelity.

In a nutshell

The ST2-HiFi is today’s most advanced stereo processor, room optimizer & DAC. It offers Trinnov’s patented loudspeaker/room optimization technology in a package specifically customized for Hi-Fi enthusiasts.

In a nutshell, the ST2-HiFi offers the following benefits:

  1. Easy Setup in 4 steps
  2. Powerful Algorithms: Multi-point measurements, time-frequency analysis, comprehensive graphs and much more…
  3. Flexible fine-tuning to meet your personal taste for sound balance
  4. High Performance Audio boards, designed and manufactured by Trinnov
  5. Multiple Remote Control options