Easy Setup

  1. Insert the system between your player/pre-amplifier and the amplifiers, and connect the microphone
  2. Run the step-by-step calibration wizard
  3. Select one of the 5 automatically generated compensations
  4. Change the target curves and other optimization parameters
  5. Store up to 6 customisable profiles and 29 user-defined presets

Powerful Algorithms

  1. Multi-point measurements of all loudspeakers
  2. Time-frequency analysis: the loudspeaker and the room are separately equalized
  3. Automatic optimization of amplitude and phase response according to Target Curves
  4. Intelligent active crossovers: automatic alignment of delays and gains for every driver

Flexible Fine-Tuning

  1. Comprehensive acoustical graphs
  2. Optimization parameters: maximum boost, maximum attenuation…
  3. Manual FIR, parametric and graphic EQs

Remote Control

  1. From any PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android phone (from a VNC client application, through the network)
  2. Using external monitor, mouse and keyboard
  3. Real-time control of the processor