Digital Cinema offers a unique opportunity for cinema owners to dramatically improve the sound in their theatres. DCI compliant digital cinema servers provide 16 channels of uncompressed, 24 bit linear PCM at 48 or 96kHz. This is already a huge leap forward compared to the compressed, low resolution sound from the sound-on-film.

Trinnov’s acoustic fidelity algorithms go beyond the DCI specifications: they ensure that the high resolution audio stored on the server reaches the ears of the audience with the highest accuracy, whithout being distorted by the room’s acoustics.

Trinnov powers today’s most advanced digital cinema audio processors: Pegase and Orion. It offers Trinnov’s patented digital room correction technologies in a package specifically designed for digital cinemas.

Trinnov offers the following benefits to digital cinemas:

Easy Setup of the whole loudspeaker management system
Powerful Automatic Room EQ Algorithms
Intelligent Digital Crossover Alignment
High Performance Audio boards, designed and manufactured by Trinnov
Remote Control via GPIO and ethernet

With the Trinnov processors, digital cinemas can now provide the most amazing sound experience to movie goers that are becoming increasingly demanding.