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Automation Protocol for the Altitude32 Preamplifier
187 kB
Automation Protocol for the Amethyst Preamplifier
178 kB
Automation Protocol for the Magnitude32 Processor
178 kB
Automation Protocol for the ST2 HiFi Processor
178 kB
AMX driver for Trinnov processors
490 kB
Control4 driver for Trinnov processors
16 kB
Crestron driver for Trinnov Processors
1.7 MB
Savant driver for Trinnov processors
120 kB
RTI driver for Trinnov processors
1.6 MB
SmartMeter SNMP Management Information Base
3 kB

Product Catalog

2013 High-End Products Portfolio (English)
3,5 MB
2013 Professional Audio Products Portfolio (English)
7 MB


Instructions for remote software updates (English)
83 kB
D-Mon User Application for Mac OS X workstations.
Provides remote control and Avid® EUCON™ link with D-Mon product range.
MacOSX 10.10 Yosemite or above required.