The Optimizer is an innovative solution for flexible speaker placement while retaining the spatial imaging of the original soundtrack. The Trinnov Optimizer cleans most loudspeaker system imperfections including 3D position errors, frequency response, group delay, phase, incorrect channel assignment…

Trinnov Audio is developing a licensing program for integration of Trinnov Optimizer into consumer products, initially targeting surround processors and AV receivers.

The Trinnov Optimizer DSP solution offers a tremendous opportunity for surround products including:

  1. enhanced product differentiation
  2. show stopping customer benefits at a competitive price
  3. simple, 1 minute customer setup, zero knowledge required, with stunning results.

Why the Optimizer?

To accelerate the acceptance of surround products in homes.

The audio industry has evolved through a significant shift from home stereo to a supportive role in the multimedia home entertainment environment. The home entertainment systems available today offer unprecedented entertainment choices for the consumer: video, HD TV, computing, movies, and now, 5.1 surround music. A key element in all the deliverable formats is a 5.1 multichannel playback system. This is in full evidence where there is now a CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) standard in development for new home “prewire standards.”

While much is being done to integrate entertainment systems into the home, a key weakness for the audio market segment has been how to get “perfect” speaker placement in the typically imperfect home environment. Without ideal speaker placement, much of the huge investment in software content is lost: the surround experience is not correctly delivered to the listener.

This is most evident with the relatively low market acceptance of DVD-Audio and SACD surround music formats.
There is a significant market opportunity to accelerate the acceptance of home theater through solutions that achieve optimal playback characteristics from any reasonable speaker arrangement. Current solutions to improve multichannel reproduction address correction of amplititude, time/delay, and basic equalization. The best systems have automated the process and utilize a calibration microphone.

While the improvement is significant, it is not enough, as correction is required for poor imaging resulting from compromised loudspeaker placement. Trinnov Audio‘s extensive research has lead to the development of a restitution process, marketed under the name Optimizer, that transforms audio content through acoustic field restitution to optimise playback within typical “imperfect” spaces that are imposed on the listener. By bringing an unprecedented flexibility in the loudspeaker positions, Trinnov Optimizer has been designed to accelerate the adoption of home theater systems.

With the Trinnov Optimizer, home theatre systems are easy to install and deliver optimal multichannel sound.


The Optimizer is a post-process algorithm applied directly after a usual multichannel decoding process. Trinnov Audio has developed DSP implementations.


For Audio Enthousiasts

By taking the room out of the acoustic equation, the Optimizer greatly improves the sound of your stereo or surround sound installation. When your room is under control, you can forget about the loudspeakers, and simply lay back and enjoy the music, or the movie.

High Definition sound…

  1. get into the groove with tight bass and an airy midrange, free from room resonances,
  2. discover how natural and accurate your loudspeakers can sound in the highs when their phase behavior is optimized,
  3. feel the original warmth and balance of your favorite albums and films.

… now you can Lay back and Enjoy

  1. wider, deeper and enveloping soundstage with focused phantom sources,
  2. sharp and articulated transients get you closer to the artist’s intention,
  3. the room and the loudspeakers become seamless, only the music remains.

About the Optimizer’s unique remapping technology

Multichannel playback assumes that the speaker configuration respects a standard layout (ITU recommendation used in studios). To get a faithful listening experience the listener must respect this recommendation. In most playback environments, speaker placement is a compromise and the resulting multichannel image is highly distorted.

Trinnov Optimizer provides loudspeaker placement flexibility while maintaining correct ITU 5.1 imaging in listening environment. With Optimizer the listener places his loudspeakers where he can/wants in his living room and benefits from a reliable sound experience.

For the first time, the surround sound is reconciled with the living room.

In 30 seconds the Optimizer measures and compensates all loudspeaker imperfections to guaranty a reliable sound experience:

  1. Loudspeaker 3D positions (distance, azimuth and elevation with precision better than 1cm/2°)
  2. Loudspeaker characteristics (frequency, phase/group delay response, diffraction over the enclosure)
  3. Loudspeaker/room interaction (room modes, early reflections, tonal balance of the room).
  4. In addition, the Optimizer provides a N-speakers management: any multichannel signal format (5.1, 6.1, 7.1, ?) can be replayed on a N speaker irregular configuration.



JBL Synthesis SDP-75

Harman Luxury group introduced their new processor SDP-75 at CEDIA Expo 2015 after announcing a new strategic partnership with Trinnov Audio. The SDP-75 offers object-based decoding of Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro 3D, in either a 16- or 32-channel configurations.

Based on the Trinnov Altitude32 platform, the SDP-75 is designed to be the heart of a JBL Synthesis custom-installation home entertainment system.

JBL SDP-75 Trinnov processor

ADA Cinema Reference Mach IV

The Cinema Reference Mach IV is ADA‘s flagship home theater, controller/preamplifier.

Combining ADA’s stellar decoding, sound, feature set and integration control with Trinnov’s heralded room optimization and 3D remapping technology, the Cinema Reference Mach IV stands alone. The TEQ (Trinnov) electronic room correction optimizer is an all-digital audio stage from the inputs right to the 16-channel balanced or unbalanced outputs. This powerful combination of cutting-edge technologies delivers unmatched flexibility and performance.

The Cinema Reference Mach IV was available at the end of March 2012.

ADA Cinema Reference Mach IV

AudioNec DSPV2

AudioNec‘s vision is to provide the ultimate in audiophile music reproduction. The AudioNec DSPV2 processor integrates Trinnov Optimizer technology and is delivered with all AudioNec speakers to ensure optimum performance in the user listening environment. The DSPV2 performs not only system optimization and room acoustic correction, it is also functions as a top-echelon crossover, preamplifier and digital to analog converter (DAC).

AudioNec DSPV2

ADA TEQ-4, TEQ-8 and TEQ-12

Audio Design Associates (ADA), the recognized brand of excellence in high-end custom installed electronics, displayed its cutting-edge ADA TEQ (Trinnov EQ) series of room optimizers at CEDIA Expo 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The line-up includes the TEQ-4 four-channel optimizer ideal for two-channel (stereo) systems as well as the TEQ-8 eight-channel and TEQ-12 twelve-channel optimizer ideal for home cinema.



Sherwood R972

During the CES 2008 (Consumer Electronics Show), Sherwood announced the new R-972 model, the very first A/V Receiver featuring Trinnov’s Optimizer digital room correction and loudspeaker placement remapping technology.

Trinnov also announced the integration of the Optimizer technology within the Texas Instruments Aureus DA708 High-Performance Multichannel Audio DSP for consumer applications.

Sherwood R972